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Welcome to this Portal of Crystallization

When we are born we enter into the field of forgetfulness.

As we incarnate, growing into our earthly bodies from the realm of spirit, we will leave most of what we know behind. It is as if the knowledge and wisdom of our spiritual self doesn't fit into our developing nervous systems. We must sacrifice them to have this human experience.

As we are socialized to be acceptable human beings, in a somewhat backwards world, much of the conditioning we undergo will deprive us of our truest selves. The outer voices overpower the inner voices, the deep knowing replaced by schooling, the true nature eclipsed by narrow cultural norms.

And yet, the knowledge, the light, of Soul can not be vanquished. Maybe it is pain, maybe it is impulse, that propels us on a search for what we feel has been lost. We look for the right fit of a life, of a mindset, that connects us to that original light. The original light that feels so far away, and yet we know is softly glowing in every cell. This journey is what makes this game of life so fascinating. Yes, the pain is real and life is confusing and full of loss and disappointment. And we ask, does this game have any rules? Do I, as a player, have anything to go by that is not conditional?

Yes and yes.

We have the primordial language of the Universe: Numbers. And we have the Universal Laws that correspond to a set of unfailing virtues. This offers us something now that we are desperate for: a reference beyond our own wavering minds. Not a dogma. Not someone else's ideas of wrong or right. Not externally imposed structures of control that depreciate your inherent value and capacity, but the benevolent neutrality of the Universe and natural consequence according to the supreme laws.

And this is what I am here, as a coach and a teacher, to offer. To share a solid reference for how to navigate the world from your most authentic self and truest design.

I invite you to engage in these posts as you take your steps to higher consciousness, to embody your radiance, to crystallize and hold the light of Soul. These teachings are applicable, not conceptual. They are to embodied, practiced, integrated and even adored.

And this is what we mean by crystallization. You take on your potential shape, based on your design and the highest associated virtues, and you allow the light of spirit to fill you up. It is not a quick fix. It is the journey of a life time. Step by step.

It's a blessing to share.

Love love,

Fateh Prem

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