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About Me


Coach, Teacher, Facilitator, Guide

I myself have experienced feeling lost, directionless, and hopeless and found my way out to higher ground, guided by the teachings I now share.

Before starting the work I do now, I found myself in Portugal with a baby to look after a nasty divorce with split custody, in a country where I didn’t speak the language. I had no family around, no job and no professional skills.

My first step towards living a better life was reading a book that was recommended to me by my neighbor. It was a book on yogic breathing techniques. I found that after only a few days, I could finally think clearly. 

I researched for more yoga practices to help me with my fears and found Kundalini Yoga. I did one meditation every day for 40 days straight and completely transformed my energy and outlook on life. Everything started to come together in my life, and my choices began to make sense.

That’s when I began training in yoga and health coaching and got experience working in retreats. The opportunities kept unfolding, and I felt guided by spirit.

Still, I was faced with the existential question of whether I was "okay". There was a constant nagging for something deeper as I continued my work within wellness.

While I was creating a successful life for myself curating wellness programs for hotels, it didn’t feel like what I was meant to be doing. When working with clients, stepping in as a massage therapist when needed, I realized I was receiving messages and thus began my journey as an intuitive healer. I knew my gifts were to work with people one to one. I needed to bring the messages of hope and practices for self-realization. 

In 2020, I was at a reset point as lockdown brought my work with hotels to an end. I dove deep into an intensive study of the sacred teachings, multi-dimensional healing, and sacred numerology.

From there I set up my yoga center in June 2022.  My goal now is to be available as a support for others on their spiritual journeys, from anywhere in the world, through my programs.


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Graduate 2015

Kundalini Yoga Practitioner Certified 2016

Karam Kriya Applied Spiritual Numerology Consultant 2023

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