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Fateh Prem

Well-Being Support

through Karam Kriya Applied Numerology  

take the shape of your Soul.




Humanity is passing a painful growth spurt, and we are all feeling the discomfort as it pushes us to individually grow at a frightening pace. At the same time, this is an exciting moment as we expand our consciousness and become aware of new possibilities. This is your moment to grow.

Your challenges, your turmoil, questions, doubt and pain, are all natural and part of this incredible moment on Earth, and everything you experience is an opportunity for elevation. 

"There is a way through every block"

- 2nd sutra of the Aquarian Age

My work as a teacher, coach and consultant supports people in moments of lacking a sense of purpose, depression, anxiety, addiction, self sabotage, grief and even end of life. The methods I use can support you in finding the ways your Soul is truly acknowledged and nurtured, overcoming harmful thoughts, beliefs and habits and bringing you to a holistic sense of self. 


This work is both internal, as you explore and become familiar with the wonderful complexity of yourself, and external, as you learn to trust in, and rely upon the power and natural magic of the Universe.

Together, we discover an anchor that you can hold onto as you journey through life, navigating the ups, downs, and unknowns with certainty and stability.


My Programs

Some feedback from my clients

Your results will be individual. I cannot guarantee any specific results, as this is an organic process. And I  have huge amounts of faith in the systems and references I use, they truly work. So I want to share with you some of the comments I have received from some people I have worked with through the last few years:

Carla Sardinha- Philosophy Teacher

"After just two sessions with you I have made more progress than 2 years in therapy"

Jadzia- Environmental Activist

"Thank you Fateh Prem for pointing out a beautiful new way of life. After years of searching, I feel I have finally found the right direction and I cant wait to see what will happen next!"

Ise Sharp- Visual Artist

"The Knowledge and skills you have taught me I will forever carry with me in this lifetime and into the next." 

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